TrifleRabbit Vintage Jewellery Tiaras

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Unique and Bespoke Tiaras

Handmade In Hampshire. UK using original vintage jewellery


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I'm based in the village of Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire, UK


Hazel - Bella Bespoke Vintage Tiara

"I have just arrived home from London to find Bella waiting for me. She is exquisite!  Your

packaging and card were absolutely beautiful and again, I found myself in tears of joy.

She means so much to me, it's like my mum has been with us making her.  I haven't got words to

descibe how your craftmanship has made exactly what I wanted.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


Aileen - Bespoke Vintage Tiara

"It is unbelievably perfect - just what I had imagined"

"I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day and I have no doubt it will be a talking point.  

I can't get over how perfect it is and the colours completely tie in with the grooms kilt outfit."

"It is beautiful and I can confirm - unbelievably perfect for me and my wedding.  Thank you for

understanding my vision and for your perfect work."


Lucie - Vintage Tiara

"I have her and I absolutely LOVE HER!

Can't wait to wear her at my wedding in October, I will forward pictures when I do.  

I'm so glad I found your website!

If only I had more opportunities to wear tiaras I would buy more ..."


Stacia - Nel Vintage Tiara

Stacia had been having a bad day, she said:

"I got home at about 10pm, opened your parcel and the stark contrast between sad women and

JOYFUL GORGEOUS TIARA was even more pronounced. I love it. It is beautiful.

You are the Goddess of Tiaras.

Thank you so much for having the forethought to be running a business that actually makes the

things that I thought up in my mad head. You are a very clever lady and a proper right good artist

and I will be honoured to marry in your fabulous creation. You are also an absolute joy to deal with

which, in my extensive wedding shenanigans, is never a given. And you have made me laugh, too."

Thank you Stacia - you made me laugh too x


Ayako - Marina Vintage Tiara

"I have certainly received the tiara this morning.

She is so beautiful and I love it.

I'm so happy to wear such a lovely tiara in my wedding ceremony, which is being held next month in Japan.

Thank you for your smooth arrangement and kindness."


"My wedding ceremony was held on December 2015 in Tokyo.

The day was so wonderful!

Marina was very beautiful and fit on my wedding dress.

I was so happy to wear Marina on my great day."



Tally - Bespoke Vintage Tiara Cabernet

"I got a million compliments on the crown.  I love it so much I have it sitting on my desk!  Thank you again for the beatiful creation"


Laura - Christine, Terry and Tilly Vintage Tiaras

"The Christine, Terry and Tilly just looked stunning on the day and everyone was so impressed with your handiwork - strangely, the best man in particular!

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish and I'm so pleased my mum found your website"


Hannah - Araminta Vintage Tiara

"My dress and lace train were beautiful and even the flowers I had made at 3am the night before were very pretty and what made my look complete was Araminta sitting proudly on my head!  The back of me, with the beautiful lace train was amazing and the front was rather bare so Araminta and my earrings that look as though they were made by the same hand, brought the mixture of formal elegance to the front of me as well.  She was completely perfect and paramount to completing my look.  I always thought she would be but to actually see her with the dress and in the setting confirmed the hopes and made over two decades of dreams come true.

Thank you so much for making her and I am so glad she wasn't sold to someone else.  I love her and will cherish her forever as she is one of the things I still have now it is all over.

I think you and your tiaras are very special and I am a very lucky bride to be able to wear one of your creations on my wedding day.

I also wore her the night after, at the formal dinner for the Oxford crew and their friends and family.  I wore her flat on my head and it gave a different look which is more transferable into the every day.  So she got to see Olympic, World and Boat Race champions from all over the globe and was complimented several times!

She stayed on:

Before the service



When grinning from ear to ear

Under the oars

In the carriage

With the horses

In the rowing boat




Being held up by a bunch of crazy men


Thank you!"


(Me ..... Wow!  Thank you Hannah x)


Sarah - Una Bespoke Vintage Tiara

"Una has arrived today and she's fabulous!  Had to try her on straight away and even with 'work hair' she looked great.  I said I wasn't a girlie girl but I'm so looking forward to the frock, makeup and wearing Una on my big day!


Thank you so much for all your time and patience, it really is a wonderful piece of jewellery"


(And after the wedding, when Sarah sent me some photographs)

"I thought you'd like to see a couple of photos showing the happy couple but in particular the tiara!  Everyone loved it and as you can see it matched perfectly!  Thank you ever so much for your help and patience, and for making me the most wonderful wedding keepsake"


Karen - Georgie Bespoke Vintage Tiara

"Georgie is beautiful! Thank you so much! Just had a sneaky try on at work.  I love her"


Rachael - Envy Bespoke Vintage Tiara

"I just wanted to thank you again for my wonderful tiara - Envy :)  It was the finishing touch and I felt so special wearing it.  All of our guest said how beautiful and unique it was.

I even wore it the day after for lunch with everyone and took Envy to Dubai where we had drinks at the Burj - so nice to be able to wear it again.  I'm even wearing it for my 30th birthday party which is a 1920's theme :)

You really helped me feel amazing on my special day and for that I can't thank you enough."


Amber - Lottie Vintage Tiara

"She arrived and she's perfect, thank you so much"


Jody - Bespoke Vintage Bridal Comb

"She has arrived! Thank you so much, she is absolutely beautiful and totally perfect"


Johanna - Bespoke Scottish Themed Vintage Tiara Catriona - Germany

"She arrived yesterday and I love her! She is so very beautiful and will fit perfectly wit my dress and bouquet.  Thank you so much, Im so happy with her"


Julie - (Dulcie Vintage Tiara)

"Valerie. I couldn't believe my eyes. Dulcie is just beautiful! Thank you so much! It's absolutely perfect!  It is just THE thing to wear with the outfit - the Mother of Pearl blends PERFECTLY with the colour and the crystals lightly sparkle with the jewelly bits in the outfit.  The shoes have the same Mother of Pearl/Crystal  and it looks as though they were made for each other.  Not only that, Dulcie is so prettily understated - I feel a million dollars. I could cry!  Can you believe it!  It's been such an exhausting journey getting this whole thing together - and resented the time it was taking and was becoming very angst about what to put in my hair - but I now feel absolutely "together" and so so pleased.  My husband loves it all too.


Talk about 11th hour!  Thank you again so very much - I feel indebted to you for all the time, trouble and care you took - it was like I had a good friend who was really concerned - you were amazing.  


I cannot recommend you enough and will watch your website now and again with interest to see see your other beautiful designs - you are very clever."


Amanda - (Vintage Comb)

"It's arrived and its beautiful....I absolutely love it!  It's perfect as its so delicate and pretty.  Thank you once again. (The little tag with the rabbit will be a little keepsake also...such a wonderful idea)."


Charity Auction - (Vintage Lace Headband) - Response on receipt of a piece I donated for a charity auction

"Thank you for this gorgeous headband from @TrifleRabbit its beautiful! Xx"


Joanne - (Vintage Lace & Floral Piece)

"I really don't know how to put this, I hope I come across clearly, I have never been so impressed with a purchase in my entire life, the headband itself is gorgeous but the attention to detail in packaging is exceptional it really comes across how much you love doing this and how important it is to you,  many businesses could learn a lot from you.  I hope its not overstating the point too much to say that your approach is inspiring and I can assure you that I will love wearing this as much as you loved making it."


Kerry - (Lydia, a bespoke vintage tiara named by Kerry)

"OMG!!!! love it love it love it!!!! thankyou so much its so beautiful ...... very big smiles and happiness this morning. I simply cannot express how much I love it and its perfect for what I am wearing. You truly are amazing.  Everyone should know how clever you are! I really can't thank you enough! Truly beautiful."


Gemma - (Iris, a bespoke vintage tiara named by Gemma)

"I cannot express how grateful I am to you for Iris, your passion for what you do is evident in the amazing pieces you produce.  There isn't enough great customer service like you provide in the world!"


Jane (Mother of the Bride) - (Bella, vintage tiara)

“It was very kind of you to take the trouble to deliver the headpiece to us and we really appreciated it.  The minute we saw her at the vintage fayre we knew that we had to have her.  It will be something that my daughter can keep and cherish, and also wear again if the occasion arises, as a piece as beautiful as she is needs to be worn and seen and not just kept in a box.  Thank you once again for all your help, I know my daughter is over the moon at having found something so perfect to wear with her dress.”


Alison (@MrsPandP - Bespoke Vintage Tiara)

"THE most beautiful thing I have EVER seen has just been delivered to me. @TrifleRabbit is 1 of kindest most talented ladies in the UNIVERSE"


Jane (Mother of the Bride) came back to me and bought Emerald for herself  to wear to her daughters wedding.

"As I started to open the parcel I actually got goose bumps and a tingling feeling as I was so excited to see what was inside and whether or not I was going to like it when I put her on.  She is actually even more beautiful than the pictures show and she took my breath away - I actually cried a little when I saw her as I knew she would look fab on and she does.  I am so happy that I have found something so beautiful and unique that is not the traditional ‘Mother of the Bride’ attire i.e. hat or fascinator, that I can’t wait to get dressed up now!

I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and absolutely fantastic customer service.  So so happy, thank you doesn’t quite cover it really but thank you – I absolutely love her."


Millie - Vintage Tiara

"Totally in love... Thank you so much!!! So happy to be wearing such a special piece xx"


Jo - (Two bespoke vintage combs which Jo named Linton and Caitlin)

"What can I say?? I am speechless with how beautiful they are!!!

I am currently in a Caffe Nero trying not to cry!!!!

I cannot thank you enough for the time, care & attention you have taken in creating my combs.

I shall make sure that I shout from the roof tips that I own an original Triflerabbit comb!!! What an honour :0)"


Hannah, Dubai - Ava Vintage Tiara

"I love her!! Absolutely gorgeous, cannot wait to wear her.  Thank you for speeding her to me,  I shall look after her"


Deborah, Australia - Myrtle Vintage Tiara

"Hi darling Valerie,  Myrtle has landed and she is beautiful. Thanks so much darling heart you put a smile on my face when she arrived oddly enough the same day one of my dresses arrived.  I like the little rabbits head and the pansy so thanks again and I will send you pics of us and Myrtle on her(our) day. Much love."

and then .....

"just tried dresses on with with Myrtle on it looks gorgeous!! I can't wait to send you pics of my day."


Gemma - Vintage Comb Nancy

"Hi Valerie, I just picked up my comb from the post office and it's exquisite! Very happy, thankyou so much :-) I love it! Will make sure you get pics of me wearing it on my big day xx "

"I will treasure her forever"


Merlyn - Bespoke Vintage Tiara Greta

"Thank you so much for my tiara, I've named her Greta - as in Garbo. Oh so glamorous were those days!  I think you'll definitely have a visit from me again and it may be soon as I just fell in love with so many pieces, your work is just breathtaking and I'm sure it brings much joy to people.  I nearly cried when I saw Greta"

"Thanks again as Greta looked lovely and I got a lot of comments on her.  I wore her for the following two days after!"


Merlyn returned to treat herself to a second piece, Evelyn, to wear "anytime".

"I loved wearing Evelyn the other day, it's like when you put on a glamorous top or nice shoes ..... it makes you feel just that little bit special. I wore Greta last Saturday on a lovely sunny day in Brooklyn so they'll both be getting regular outings"


Rachael - Bespoke Tiara

"She is simply the most beautiful and unique tiara.  Thank you so much Valerie!  It is just perfect - I've been prancing about with it on in front of the mirror and cannot wait to wear it on my day."


Marli - Bespoke Bridal Tiara and Three Bridesmaids Headpieces

"Oh wow, I absolutely love her.  She will look perfect with my dress and shoes"

"They arrived and are just perfect, the package felt extra special.  I can't wait for my hair trial now!"

"You have taken my brief and fulfilled it beyond my wildest dreams."


Vicky - Bespoke Tiara

"It is absolutely beautiful. Perfect. I cannot wait to wear it on our Wedding Day now!!"







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